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Dog Food Reviews is an online platform intended to help you make a more educated choice while buying dog food online.

And if you love your dog as much as we love ours, you’re probably worried about how to find food that’s safe and good to feed her.

What’s more, you’d probably like to know a little about us and how we can help you with our website.

The approach to assessing dog food in our reviews is based on one very critical theory.

How will any dog food ever taste and be better than the ingredients used to make it?

That’s why understanding what’s really in your dog’s food is so crucial for you before you buy it. And the only accurate way we know to do so is to examine the labels carefully.

Dog Food Reviews is owned privately. We’re not associated with the pet food industry in any way.

Expertly Written Dog Food Reviews

Yeah, there are other dog food review websites and we strongly recommend that you check ALL of them out. You may find an issue, however. People who don’t know anything about dog nutrition produce much of the dog food reviews found online. We decided to create a platform where EXPERTS would create the reviews, although they have great intentions and their reviews could very well be correct. And that is what we’ve done.

A team of experts manages the platform. Everyone who works on this site is an independent contractor and, based on rating one brand above another, they don’t gain any money. For each review they write, they are charged a flat charge. There is absolutely no dispute because they have no association with this website or to the dog food industry. It keeps us neutral. Furthermore, each page has a comment section where everyone can state their views on our reviews. Disagree with us? Talk up! We’re not minding!

Does this site make money?

Yes, it’s gaining some sales. Yes, it does earn some revenue. DogFoodReviews.xyz is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Basically, we receive a small percentage of the income generated when you click any Amazon.com links and then make a purchase on Amazon. It doesn’t matter what you purchase and the money generated helps pay for the skilled reviewers, design of the web, registration of the domain, hosting, and a number of other resources needed to operate this site. We are also receiving revenue from Google Adsense from display advertisements.

Please notice that we have no association with the pet food industry at all and have no economic motive to rate any brand over another. All our reviews are written by professionals from the 3rd party and are totally 100 percent impartial.

How to Support Us

Competing with big pet food industry companies is incredibly difficult, but you can help! All we ask you to do is tell a friend, maybe share our reviews on Facebook, or if you have a blog or website of your own, we’d be pleased if you could connect to our site. The more support and visibility we can get, the more visible the search engines will be to us. Dog owners need to learn about both the positive and the poor brands of dog food that exist. Your support could literally help save the life of a dog, so share, please!

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