Best Dog Food For Siberian Huskies In 2021

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What is the best dog food for Siberian Huskies?

The response to that question depends on whether a puppy is being fed… or an adult.

And whether you’re looking for dog food made from grain… or grain-free food.

On this article…

We’ll share the top best dog food for Siberian huskies with Dog Food Reviews… and we’ll answer the questions most commonly asked about feeding this prodigious breed.

Here are the best dog foods for Siberian Huskies that should be in stock at least for March 2021, from Dog Food Reviews.

Best Dog Food For Siberian Huskies That You Can Buy Online From Amazon:

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Recipe

From fresh chicken, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach gets the largest proportion of its animal protein. Our analysis of the dry matter label shows that the recipe contains 26 percent protein, 16 percent fat and 50 percent estimated carbs, resulting in an approximately 61 percent fat-to-protein ratio.

Huskies are known to suffer from common problems with the stomach and skin, making this recipe an excellent alternative for those who are susceptible to food sensitivities. Greatly recommended.

Nutro Max Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro’s MAX Adult Recipe with Farm-Raised Chicken is one of the best dry dog foods for Siberian husky. It boasts a commendable mix of proteins and fats, provided that it also does not contain excessive cereal grains and by-product meals.

The formulation of Nutro is enriched with botanicals such as spearmint, rosemary, and green tea that should function extremely well with its rich supply of natural antioxidants such as vitamins E and A.

Go! Solutions Carnivore

This Go! This Go! The Solutions formula takes much of its meat protein from chicken, turkey, salmon, and fresh poultry meals. Our review of the dry matter label shows that the recipe contains 38 percent protein, 18 percent fat and 36 percent estimated carbs… providing a ratio of around 47 percent fat to protein.

In each recipe, a GMO-free brand with an above-average quantity of meat. Highly suggested for adult huskies and has proven itself to be one of the best dog food for Siberian Huskies.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog Food

The Taste of the Wild Dog Food is amongst one of the best dog food for Siberian Huskies and its penchant for utilizing only novel proteins. This Pacific Stream Canine Recipe, for instance involves salmon captured in the wild.

At 8:1, it does have a higher omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Compare this to the ideal 4:1 ratio for Orijen Original and you can see why we’re quite apprehensive. Nevertheless, we agree that TOTW has managed to balance this with the addition of 3 probiotic strains proven to enhance the immune system’s functioning. In addition, the addition of vitamin E and other antioxidants will help to negate the exceptionally higher proportions of fatty acids containing omega-6.

Health Extension Grain-Free Dog Food

This Health Extension recipe extracts the lion’s share of fresh chicken and chicken meal from its animal protein. Our review of the dry matter label shows that the recipe contains 30 percent protein, 20 percent fat and 42 percent estimated carbs… producing a 67 percent fat-to-protein ratio.

An all-life-stage superior kibble for your Siberian Husky. Greatly recommended.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

What makes Wellness CORE very special is that it is almost identical to the Orijen Original in nutrient profile, except that Wellness CORE enjoys the confidence of thousands of owners of dogs. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Orijen Original is cheaper by more than 3 times? For the growing husky, its high protein content is very ideal, third only to the Origen Original and Adult tandem.

Including 3 animal proteins for its first 5 ingredients, this Wellness Core Natural Grain Free comes beefed with fruits and vegetables, but no cereal grains. Every pound of the Wellness Center contains 80 million probiotic colony-forming units. Chondroitin and glucosamine also come with this dog food for huskies, compounds that can help foster huskies’ healthy joints.

Annamaet Original Ultra Formula

This Annamaet Original Ultra Formula gets the majority of its meat protein from chicken meat. Our review of the dry matter label shows that the recipe contains 36 percent protein, 22 percent fat and 34 percent estimated carbs… generating an overall 63 percent fat-to-protein ratio.

With sporting dog enthusiasts, Annamaet is particularly popular. The top selection for the involved Huskies.

Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The BLUE Life Safety Formula that comes entirely enriched with the fermentation products of 5 gut-friendly probiotic species is Blue Buffalo’s entry into this list of the best Siberian husky dog food products.

A near-ideal fatty acid ratio of 1:5 is also given by Blue Buffalo. The Life Security Formula features the LifeSource Bits technology, like all Blue Buffalo items, which basically packs all the nutritious goodness of its components into each kibble. And speaking of ingredients, this formulation lists as its 2 main ingredients lamb and turkey meal. It is not really grain-free, omitting its mix of cereals and going for healthy whole grains instead.

Orijen Premium Quality Meat Dry Dog Food

It is never appropriate to confuse the Orijen Original with the Orijen Adult. The original contains a higher percentage of minimum protein for instance, but with a lower percentage of fat at around 18 percent minimum, compared to the adult minimum of 35 percent. Nonetheless the 18 percent minimum fat of the Original is still very formidable compared to other items on this list.

What we also like about the Original is that the components in the first 15, not 5, are actually animal protein and fat sources. Another noteworthy aspect of the Orijen Original is that the two most essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids have the most suitable ratio at 1:4.

Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Formula

An ingenious dog food recipe has been created by Taste of the Wild, which can hardly be found at this price range. This dog food derives its influence from the ancestral diet of ancient canines by using lamb and lamb meal as its two animal protein sources.

25 percent protein and 15 percent fat are in it. Such figures are fantastic and well beyond average. To help build and preserve your dog’s bones and muscles, a high amount of fat and protein will do wonders. In order to ensure a strong immune system, a high fat content is also needed for your dog.

It is worth noting, however, that some of the proteins in this recipe are vegetable-based, with a list of ingredients including pea protein and potato protein.

It’s tougher for your dog’s stomach to break down vegetable proteins, but if your dog doesn’t have any form digestive problems, there isn’t much to worry about.

Nom Nom Fresh Pet Food Delivery

You can outsource the liability to a company like Nom Nom if you want to feed your dog a raw diet, but you don’t want to be accountable for it. For your dog, it provides outstanding raw meals that can help clear up pickiness and skin problems that your dog may encounter.

Whole vegetables and fruits help promote bone health, coating health, including healthy brain function with vitamins and antioxidants.

On the website, you can directly design your dog’s meal schedule and the meals are shipped to you to be frozen or refrigerated before you need them. They’re easy to do, and you can transform your dog’s mealtime if you’ve got the budget.

In order to help create the most fulfilling raw food diet for your animals, Nom Nom is teaming up with canine nutritionists. To find the right dog food for your Husky, you’ve got food shipped, making it quick, and you can fill out a questionnaire.

Iams ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks

This recipe is designed for adult dogs and is intended to help your dog develop solid, firm muscles. They do this especially with the help of quality protein from the ingredients of chicken and egg.

For healthy skin and coat, this formula contains a balanced content of omega fatty acids as well as containing 7 nutrients that are essential for heart and general well-being. Plus, it is also formulated with l-carnitine in order help your dog maintain a healthy body weight and burn fat.

As expected, the 1st ingredient is fresh chicken. One thing you want to know regarding fresh meats like chicken is they can comprise of up towards 80% moisture by sheer volume.

What this means is that much of the moisture cooks out when the dog food is cooked and exposed to high temperatures, which leaves you with a much smaller protein content than the initial volume.

Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula

This food offers concentrated nutrition in the form that your Siberian Husky was designed to eat, with its incredible concentration of whole animal ingredients in WholePreyTM ratios. Fish rich in protein makes up 80 percent of the food. Two thirds of the meat in this food is fresh or raw, and at about 194 °F, the remaining third of the meat is dehydrated. This low-heat processing lock in the nutritional value of the food, allowing only a small amount of vitamin and mineral supplementation to be included in part of this recipe.

Nourishing fruits, herbs, and botanicals picked for their nutritional value are included in the rest of the recipe.

To promote a healthy skin and coat as well as vital eye protection, it contains natural marine-sourced EPA and DHA.

This nutritionally dense food is processed in the United States without any fillers, by-products or artificial additives, and all of its ingredients have been sustainably farmed or caught.

Instinct Raw Boost Senior Recipe With Chicken

This diet has all the basic attributes of a healthy senior dog food. To keep the joints in good health, it includes glucosamine and chondroitin together with limited carbohydrate content to keep weight under control.

This food gets a boost from raw chicken morsels, supplying nutritious enzymes during high-heat processing that would have been stripped away.

With some additional senior dog-focused additions, the recipe also scores points. The addition of natural DHA from chicken eggs helps to encourage continued protection of the brain and eyes, while adding L-carnitine helps to burn fat, keeping the Siberian Husky trim and safe.

Unique Health Concerns

The National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academies states that proteins, carbohydrates and fat are the most essential nutrients for dog. All three elements are your husky’s great sources of energy and should be found in the best dog food for Siberian huskies. Pet owners, however, need to be vigilant when searching for dog food.

Certain health conditions are sensitive to huskies. The Siberian Husky, for instance, is lactose intolerant. Stop feeding him milk and other dairy products, as such.

Many breeders also say that their huskies tend very slowly to absorb food. Therefore, seeing him eating small quantities of food is not uncommon. You can however, track his meal times, ensuring that he does not go without eating for more than a day.

Intolerance to Lactose

Typically, Siberian huskies are lactose-intolerant. It’s important to avoid foods that are high in lactose, such as milk, ice cream, and some cheeses, whether you prefer a commercial dog meal or prepare a homemade diet for your dog.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions In Regards To Feeding Huskies

What’s the Best Way To Transition My Husky Into a New Brand of Dog Food?

It is best to gradually move your husky to a new dog food.
Start by mixing together about 25 percent’ fresh’ and 75 percent’ old food. Then raise the percentage steadily to a full 100%… over the next 7 days.

Do Older Huskies Require More… or Less Protein?

In comparison to what you may have known. Older huskies require more protein than younger dogs in their diets. That’s because seniors need to replace (like humans) muscle mass wasting as they age.

While adult dog foods that legally contain as little as 18 per cent, all of our recommended husky brands contain at least 28 per cent protein, which may also be suitable for seniors. If you’re feeding a husky that’s seven years of age, then you may want to switch to a dog meal that includes above-average protein… and calories below-average.

When Do I Turn To Adult Dog Food for My Husky Puppy?

It’s crucial not to turn your husky puppy too fast to a grown-up diet.
That’s because the wrong nutritional mix will contain adult dog food… which can make it unhealthy for a puppy that’s still developing.
It is best at about 12 to 14 months of age to turn your puppy to adult food. This is mainly because since a husky is considered a medium-breed dog.
If you’re not sure of the age of your puppy, using puppy food for a while is better… than transitioning to adult food too fast.

To Maintain the Perfect Weight, How Much Food Should I Feed My Husky?

A landmark study showed that dogs fed a quantity of food to keep them in optimal body condition lived almost 2 years longer than other dogs.
So, begin with the feeding instructions written on the box to help the husky live a longer life. Then, change the number up or down… to keep your husky in optimal shape for your body.

What Else Can I Feed My Husky?

Although it is cheaper to feed your husky commercial wet or dry food, it lasts longer and is easier to store, many husky owners have changed their dog’s diet. This is in order to include more nutritious and healthy raw foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, fruits and vegetables (no grapes, prunes or raisins).

Do Huskies Have Stomachs That Are Sensitive?

The Siberian Husky has a stomach which is famously fuzzy. The mutt husky can also manage stomach problems better, but a Siberian is vulnerable to intestinal problems that often lead to more health problems.

Is It Healthy for Huskies To Have Raw Meat?

Yeah, raw meat can be consumed by dogs. A Purina veterinarian, RuthAnn Lobos, says that feeding a diet consisting solely of raw meat may not provide your dog with the full and healthy nutrition it needs. In particular, this is true for rapidly growing and developing puppies, she says. Their dietary requirements are very dynamic.

Final Thoughts

Huskies are medium-sized dogs that weigh 60 pounds on average. You can only buy dog food that is designed to suit their needs in order to keep them looking safe and active. When picking out the best dog food for Siberian Huskies, consider protein-rich foods, which help to preserve lean muscle mass. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommends giving your husky up to 18 percent of his diet’s protein.

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